Dancing Heart Retreats

Move out of the ordinary into an awareness of a deep inner heart-centered spaciousness and peace.  Discover the untouched, unexplored crevices of your being, aspects of yourself hidden by normal routines and daily distractions.  What is that part of you that longs to stretch your wings and fly free?  Perhaps there’s a belly laugh, a creative impulse, a moment of clarity, a voice from the divine that reveals itself.

Give yourself permission to play, to embrace joy and be fully present in this moment.  Here your soul has room to whisper softly, inviting you to experience new possibilities.  A safe space supports the blossoming of inner awareness within a circle of companion explorers. By partnering with Breath, Heart, Earth, the Heavens and the natural beauty of Cape Cod, you can strengthen your inner vision and be empowered to be who you really are safely with others.

This year I am offering three week long retreats on beautiful Cape Cod to help you develop a greater awareness of your own internal experience in order to improve the health and well-being of your body, heart, mind and spirit.

They are based on the premise of the philosophy expressed in this blog.  When you center your awareness on your heart through meditation and breathing practices, love and appreciation, wonderful things happen.  The way in which you relate to yourself, others and the earth changes.  Internally your moods become more stable and positive.  Your anxiety levels are greatly diminished and your immune system is boosted.  As a consequence, you feel more at home in your own body, are in touch with your creativity and your increased ability to solve problems. Spiritually you have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with All That Is.

Connecting the Inner Vision with the Outer:   May 17-21, 2019 

Enhancing Creativity Inspired by the Heart:   June 21-25, 2019

Using the Body as a Vehicle to Connect with the Infinite:  September 20-24, 2019

For more detailed information please go to my website www.drcarolmarcy.com

Published by

Carol Marcy

As a holistic clinical psychologist, I view therapy as a deeply spiritual process that occurs within the Primordial Field of Awareness without prejudiced toward any spiritual tradition. The process of therapy involves the whole person: body, mind, spirit and emotional body and a relationship with Nature. It is a process of becoming more self-aware. I enjoy inviting clients to take a journey of self-discovery, examining old ways of being which no longer feel right, changing to new ways and perhaps opening up to new possibilities not before imagined. The heart-centered approach helps to facilitate this process from a positive and life affirming foundation. It not only deeply affects how someone feels about his or herself but naturally moves into how one relates to and is responded to by family, friends, workplace environments and home communities. My office is located on 62 acres of beautiful Southern Maryland woodland. Prior to beginning my day I spend time meditating and connecting with Nature, taking particular care to be centered in my heart. I have written one other book, Living Life as a Prayer: a guide to healing and wholeness, which is available on Amazon.com. This book invites you on a sacred journey of self-discovery. The ways and means to take that journey are demonstrated through poignant stories, illustrative poems, prayers from a variety of traditions, rituals, lively visualizations and step-by-step guidelines. All of these support the basic premise: you are the living prayer that is offered every moment of every day to all of life everywhere through the words you speak, actions you take, feelings you express and thoughts that you think. This book is a guide to help you consciously construct that prayer. Living Life as a Prayer helps you create and manifest a way of life that honors your natural state of being. This natural way is to live in the flow of the grace of Divine energy and to move into the world from the place of a loving heart. Your loving heart not only embraces other people and all of life, but yourself as well. It has been said, “love yourself enough to love another.” You are the prayer that is being offered to the Great Spirit, to the unnamed force that runs through all of life. You are the healing force in the Universe. A bumper sticker reads, “World peace begins at home.” Home is in your own heart. You have the power to bring peace to the world by creating peace in your own heart. Part of the process of becoming a living prayer that you are comfortable with and happy to manifest is to learn to open your heart without fear. There is a 2 CD set filled with helpful meditations, a DVD illustrating three movement meditations and a workbook that follows the chapters in the book offering a deeper personal exploration of the principles discussed.